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'The story is simple and one that hits close to home. I grew up in a family that loves to eat. Cooking was a way to share our love for one another but it was also a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a professional chef, it didn't matter how long a dish would take to complete as long as the result was worth it. Not everyone has that same outlook or time. There were several phone conversations I had with my brother where he "didn't have time," or "didn't want to order in," for dinner. I thought about how much I wish I could make meals for him and put them in his freezer so he could have a convenient, healthy meal, that was homemade and reminiscent of the food he grew up eating.

The product had to be made with fresh ingredients, seasoned delicately, and executed with authenticity for the right outcome.  

The process began by sourcing locally raised animals who were slaughtered under Halal practices. Add the right balance of herbs and spices, and the heat and flavor of flame grilled cooking. The Kabob Shoppe's kabobs are ready for your next family's meal. Don't sacrifice your health and your diet for anything less than the best. It's convenient, flavorful and filling.


Let me cultivate from my professional experiences and share with you the very best part of me.'

-Shaza Banna, founder of Kabob Shoppe

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