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The Culinary Journey

I was raised in a large Syrian-American family, who gathered around tables filled with good food and good conversation. 

Classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York’s Hudson Valley, I spent majority of my culinary career in Manhattan. I worked for four years at Danny Meyer's two-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Modern, rising up from a line cook to a senior sous chef. From there, I landed a private chef role with a small family in Chelsea where I taught myself the complexities of baking bread with freshly milled grains.

Before the migration West, I led a small kitchen team in Brooklyn to support Rethink, a non-profit dedicated to recovering nutritious excess food to provide meals to families in need.

Once I landed in the Golden State, I took on the role of a R&D Chef in a Bay Area, tech-based, business-focused online food delivery company.

While food is my obsession, I thoroughly enjoy cleaning and organizing. I’m always looking to improve my space, purging unneeded items to make room for more creative outlets. I enjoy tending to my flower and herb gardens and most importantly, cuddling with my 14 year old cat, Heinrich.

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